Empathy suits

Experience first hand the challenges of everyday life for people with a disability and older people.

Empathy Simulation Training Suits (Empathy Suits) are designed to be worn by students to provide an insight into the challenges of everyday life for people with a disability, older people, and their carers. The Empathy Suits are fitted with straps, weights and braces to manipulate and restrict movement, sight and hearing. They include a brace for limiting range of motion on one side of the body.

Empathy Suits can be used in the classroom during work-integrated learning and interdisciplinary simulation activities. Students wear the suits for a few hours and practice tasks, for example, getting into and out of cars, navigating paths, gutters and stairs, or preparing food. The suit can be used to simulate several conditions, including stroke, arthritis, hemiplegia, contractures, hearing and sight loss, poor posture, and shortened gait. Watch how the suits can be used in training

Three Rivers purchased 20 Empathy Suits for use in learning activities for academics throughout Charles Sturt University to borrow for relevant teaching sessions. We have also provided train-the-trainer sessions for academics interested in using Empathy Suits.

Empathy Suit booking process

If you are an academic employed at Charles Sturt University and are interested in using the Empathy Suits in relevant teaching activity, please read the following information and use the link to request to borrow the suits.

Please note:

  • Empathy Suit bookings must be made at least two weeks before the requested teaching session.
  • All bookings are subject to availability. Three Rivers will contact you as soon as possible with a response to your request.
  • Empathy Suit bookings can only be made by staff employed at Charles Sturt University.
  • Empathy Suits should be returned within a week of the teaching session they are booked for.
  • The suits are maintained and washed by Charles Sturt laboratory staff – they do not need to be cleaned by staff hiring them.

Empathy Suit booking form