Telehealth describes methods that use telecommunication technology to deliver virtual services enhancing: health care, public health and health education delivery and support.

Telehealth training program

With the increased use of telehealth within the health sector, graduates entering the workforce need to be telehealth ready. We are establishing a telehealth training program suitable for regional and rural environments.

Project aims

This program will provide online and practical simulation training to health students, clinicians and health workers wishing to up-skill. The program will increase future clinician capability by training students to deliver services in rural and remote areas using telehealth.

Telehealth training courses

Once up and running, the program will cover courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Participants will build their knowledge of telehealth theory and learn to use telehealth methods based on current practice.

Taught online, the courses will be suitable for current healthcare practitioners looking to up-skill, or anyone who desires flexibility. They will include:

  • a range of interesting modules
  • informative videos and interviews with local telehealth providers
  • interactive knowledge based activities and simulations
  • dedicated support from experts

Telehealth stakeholders

We have collaborated with telehealth experts in the local area and across Australia to get vital information on:

  • current services
  • equipment used
  • concepts for the design for the telehealth training program.

To be involved or learn more on the telehealth training program, please contact our Telehealth Service Coordinator

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