Student mentoring

Yayalanha – First Nations Health Student Mentoring Program

Yayalanha, which means to sit and assist in Wiradjuri language, is a student-led mentoring group. This mentoring group will help First Nations health students to succeed in becoming deadly future health leaders.

The program will assist you to:

  • Meet and mingle with fellow students, community members and Elders, allowing you to build a strong support network.
  • Provide you with a safe platform to be able to share knowledge and experiences with fellow First Nations students.
  • Keep you in the loop with relevant information regarding support, scholarships and professional development opportunities.
  • Access support services to assist you on your academic journey.
  • Access one-on-one confidential support from our fully trained First Nations Student Mentors.

To receive mentoring support, please subscribe to our First Nations Health Success Program.