Event Speech

Official Opening Griffith Student accommodation.

Hon. Susan Ley – Member for Farrer and Assistant Minister for Regional Development

The good thing about the accommodation facilities is that the words are not really necessary because what you see and what you experience is exactly what the students will.  They will come here to study, love Griffith and surrounds and like Jasmine, come back.

So, I want to acknowledge all of you and also my good friend Fiona Nash who has punched above her weight I believe since joining Charles Sturt University.

Fiona talks to me regularly about the needs of rural and regional health because like me she was also a previous Health Minister. The most important thing we all know, that when it comes to offering students the opportunities we want them to take up is, facilities and funding.

So this is the facilities and scholarships are also provided through a program very similar to this and while everyone doesn’t get them, you know you have to be good to get them, they are there and they are available. In building the health services for this city, John, this is just going to be such an important component.

I was just saying to Jasmine, I’m delighted that we’ve been able to provide, should we be re-elected, my only campaign statement for today, a $4 -5 million dollar linear accelerator which will give the very best quality radiotherapy because one thing that’s always stuck in my mind as I travel rural and regional Australia as Health Minister, is that some facilities have equipment that wasn’t the best and wasn’t the latest and when you’re being treated you actually deserve to have the best and the latest.

It’s vital that we encourage those who want to practise, to use and be involved in those services to actually do that here in Griffith and they will reach out across the Riverina,

Thank you very much and may this centre, or home actually and the apartment we just saw opposite attract lots and lots of students and be filled with love, laughter and learning.