Are you doing a rural clinical placement in Three Rivers’ footprint for your health degree? Help inform our rural placement work!

Our MyPlacement survey has changed

For 2020, we are now asking students who have completed a clinical placement within the Three Rivers' footprint for a health profession course to complete a single, post-placement survey of their experiences.

Health profession courses include nursing and midwifery, dentistry and oral health, allied health, social work, paramedicine, pathology, and pharmacy courses.

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.

Results from this survey will help inform our research and ongoing work to support students on local, rural placements.

Project outcomes

Through the MyPlacement project, we’re learning more about the circumstances and experiences of students doing rural clinical placements in nursing, dentistry and allied health.

We've produced a report providing a graphical snapshot of selective findings from the MyPlacement Project. The report is an overview of key issues, including demographic characteristics of students, why students choose to enrol at Charles Sturt and in their courses, and appraisals of their placements.

The MyPlacement Project Report is a visual snapshot and available for download.

The survey is ongoing and will continue to generate important insights into students’ experiences of diverse rural placements. We aim to survey as many students as possible who are doing clinical placements for health professions courses across our Three Rivers’ footprint.

The findings will inform our activities and strategies for developing an effective rural career pipeline and better supporting students during their placements.

This survey includes questions provided by our networking body, Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN). Aspects of this survey are used by other University Departments of Rural Health across Australia. This data is de-identified and compiled for reporting to the Australian Government.