Specialty rural placements

To work in rural clinical practice, clinicians need to be adaptable, dynamic and use a broad set of skills.

We offer several non-traditional placement models, which focus on:

  • cultural awareness
  • community immersion
  • diverse clinical and non-clinical skills
  • interprofessional collaboration and teamwork.

These non-traditional placements have been designed with discipline academics to ensure your learning outcomes are achieved and enable you to gain additional skills.

These placements are available for specific disciplines at set times during the year.

If you are interested in a rural placement, please speak with your workplace learning (WPL) subject coordinator.

Service learning placements

These project or service-based placements focus on supporting you to use your critical thinking and clinical skills to address a health need in a community organisation.

Placements in Indigenous health settings

We co-design placement opportunities with First Nations peoples to provide you with rich cultural and clinical learning opportunities.

Interprofessional learning placements

Team work is an essential component of rural practice, and these placements are focused on learning as a team of professionals who will work together in future.

Shared placements

Some organisations may be interested in hosting a student across two sites or in two completely different services to allow for rich learning opportunities.