We recognise and value the important role employers and clinicians play in the education of the rural health workforce of the future.

We provide information and support for rural health clinicians, particularly those working with our students, which includes support from ‘on the ground’ clinical educators located across our region.

  • We seek to build placement opportunities so students can experience rural health service delivery across a range of settings.
  • We seek to support students and clinicians for positive placement outcomes.
  • We offer education and training.

For more information contact one of our clinical educators

Louise Brown

Students bring enthusiasm into the workplace, and hosting students on clinical placement is a way of giving back to the profession by guiding the next generation of therapists.

Louise Brown Senior Occupational Therapist, Manager Riverina Hand Therapy

Rural clinical education support

We support existing and new rural health clinicians to develop their capacity to deliver quality rural clinical training.

Employer Workplace Learning Support

The workplace learning experience provides mutually beneficial outcomes for students and employers and is essential for preparing graduates for the future world of life and work


With the increased use of telehealth as a health sector service, there is a recognised need for those entering the workforce to be telehealth ready.

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