Telehealth education

We offer a free open access online education course, which covers the key concepts of telehealth.

Telehealth: Embracing technology in healthcare

Telehealth: Embracing technology in healthcare

Our free online course is an introduction to telehealth. It incorporates a range of interactive opportunities for learners, patient scenarios, resources and guides, which are based on current practice with a high focus on telehealth service delivery in the Three Rivers footprint. The online modules also include digital media specific to the local area in telehealth service provision.

The telehealth course covers four modules:

  • Telehealth overview
  • Telehealth technology
  • Telehealth in practice
  • Sustainable telehealth

Free online telehealth course

Telehealth: Embracing technology in healthcare - module feedback

Research project

In conjunction with our research team, we conducted a research project Co-designing an open-access, online telehealth course: What did we learn? This project described and assessed our open-access telehealth course’s design, implementation, and uptake since it was launched in August 2019.

Article: Co-designing multidisciplinary telehealth education for online learning

New paper details growth in telehealth education demand over COVID-19

While we might expect COVID-19 to have caused increased interest in telehealth education, a new paper quantifies this by examining enrolment growth in our online, open-access introductory course, Telehealth – Embracing technology in healthcare.

The paper also presents an analysis of learner feedback, which has already informed changes to the course and will be of interest to those seeking to develop telehealth skills among students and the present health workforce.

Paper: In-demand, interactive and an appetite for more: Analysis of learner enrolments and feedback in an open-access introductory telehealth course during COVID-19