Indigenous Success

Indigenous Australians working in health professions play an important role in encouraging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to access health services.

Indigenous health cultural safety

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals are key influencers in building cultural safety within effective rural healthcare teams. Indigenous people are more likely to access health services where service providers:

  • communicate respectfully
  • have an understanding and awareness of indigenous Australian culture and healthcare issues
  • build trusting relationships with their indigenous patients and clients.

Three Rivers UDRH is committed to creating a safe cultural learning environment that respects, acknowledges and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and cultural identity.

Alana Dixon

Nursing is a very rewarding career and there are plenty of opportunities. Three Rivers UDRH sponsored me to attend a career development conference which was an amazing opportunity to meet up with other Indigenous nurses and be inspired by the mark they are making on the health industry.

Alana Dixon Former CSU Bachelor of Nursing Student

Current Indigenous Students

There are many support services available for Indigenous students whilst studying at CSU.

Future Indigenous students

Support is available for Indigenous students beginning their journey towards becoming a health professional.

Scholarships and grants

We offer scholarships and grants that are specific to your needs to help with the cost of your course at CSU.

Pathways into Health handbook

Guides prospective students through the various pathways and options to become a health professional.

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