Connecting to Industry

Are you interested in mentoring rural and First Nations health students? Our flash mentoring program gives you the flexibility to share your expertise and guidance on an informal, short-term basis.

Rural Health Positive has partnered with the Charles Sturt Mentoring Program to introduce a new online flash mentoring program, 'Connecting to Industry'. We invite health professionals to participate.

This program is designed to facilitate student-industry relationships, providing the opportunity for final-year students to gain ‘real life’ insight and guidance into their chosen health careers. Mentors, in turn, can expand their leadership skills and give back by volunteering as a flash mentor.

You can volunteer on your terms in a way that fits within your schedule. Flash mentorship is an informal, low-pressure connection.

Students will send you a mentoring request based on the information you provide in your profile, which you can accept or decline. If accepted, you will work out a mutually convenient time to meet. Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions or topics to discuss and provide you with these before your meeting.

If you are interested in participating or would like further information, please contact or

You can also directly sign up for the program at Connecting to Industry | Program Overview (