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Supervision of speech pathology students on a service learning placement

This presentation provides information to support supervisors. It offers a deeper understanding of project placements.

Clinical supervision fundamentals

The content of this webinar is generic and can apply to many different health professions. Topics covered include the benefits of supervision and how to plan, host and evaluate clinical placements.

Practical self-care for practical people

This webinar is for health professionals and students and offers no-nonsense practical, easy-to-implement strategies to maintain and improve mental health and wellbeing in everyday life.

Self-care for health professionals

This webinar is about self-care and wellbeing. It increases your knowledge and awareness of self-care, mindfulness and reflection. It discusses strategies to manage stress and develop a self-care plan with clear goals to stay on track.

Preparing for rural practice

This webinar focuses on the skills required to be an effective rural practitioner, examines the nuances of student supervision in a rural context, explores ways to build your capability as a rural health professional, and shares resources relevant to rural practice.

Creating job-ready health graduates through work-integrated learning experiences

This presentation explores different work-integrated learning approaches the Rural Health Education team uses and how they contribute to creating work-ready graduates.

Physiotherapy supervision of service-learning placements

Service learning is quickly growing as a placement model used in rural contexts. This presentation forms a guide in supporting and assessing physio students.

Clinical placement models

Work-integrated learning in the health professions has changed significantly. This presentation explores some non-traditional placement models and how they are used in practice.

Interprofessional education

Interprofessional practice is essential in rural locations. Therefore, important to include it in workplace learning. This presentation explores the benefits and integration into student learning opportunities.

What does a high-quality rural work-integrated learning experience look like?

In this podcast, the results of a scoping review that identified the features of high-quality rural work-integrated learning are discussed. These results will be reflected on by one of the authors, a rural social worker and an early career physiotherapist.

Demystifying service learning for physiotherapy students

In this podcast, our team discusses the elements of a service learning placement for physiotherapy students and answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Physiotherapist Liz Cerini gives her perspective on these placements and how they relate to contemporary practice.

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