The Operations team enables the development and implementation of rural health initiatives, resulting in successful outcomes for the Three Rivers Department of Rural Health. This team provides support to the director and other workstreams in the implementation and evaluation of our strategic plans and projects across the following functions.


Provides high-level operational, executive, strategic, project, financial and administrative advice for the Three Rivers DRH team and facilitates connections with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

Student support

Administration and coordination of subsidised student placement accommodation and grants funded by Three Rivers DRH.


The telehealth program supports Three Rivers DRH staff across all sites with emerging technologies, equipment and information on telehealth applications in the region. Staff have access to state and national telehealth guidelines, operational procedures and instructions to assist in aspects of other Three Rivers DRH workstreams.

Evaluation and reporting

Works with Three Rivers DRH team members and key stakeholders to embed and support monitoring and evaluation processes of all activities, including providing supporting data collection and analysis to help inform planning and strategy.

Communications and marketing

Creates, implements and oversees internal and external communications and marketing activities that effectively inform and promote Three Rivers DRH as a whole and support our key workstreams initiatives.


Provides executive support to the Three Rivers DRH Director and high-level administrative support to the Three Rivers DRH team.

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