Pathways to health study

There are lots of ways to start your university journey. Three Rivers UDRH and Charles Sturt University offer support to help students from diverse backgrounds complete a health degree. We value your life experience and your cultural and community links, as well as your academic ability.

Our student club, Rural Health Positive, is made up of health students from across Charles Sturt University. They’ve got some great advice for students considering a career in rural health.

Interactive health careers explorer

Choose your own adventure and get involved as you explore the different careers possible in rural health.

Career information for schools

Our team can help secondary school careers advisers explain and promote a career path in rural health.

Health courses at Charles Sturt University

Learn about the health courses available at Charles Sturt University.

Getting into uni

Find out how Charles Sturt's access programs can help you get into university.


Find out how we can help make uni less expensive and more achievable.

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