Three Rivers UDRH Outreach Visit Support Scheme


Three Rivers UDRH aims to improve the recruitment and retention of nursing, midwifery, allied health and dentistry professionals in rural and remote Australia. One of our objectives is to improve the quality of the student rural health placement experience.

Charles Sturt University and its consortium partners acknowledge the financial support provided by the Australian Government through its Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program in the establishment of the Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health.

The Outreach Visit Support Scheme has been developed to promote opportunities for students to participate in health service models which are part of the rural health service environment. This support scheme will assist health discipline students with the costs involved when attending Outreach Visits as part of their clinical placement within the Three Rivers UDRH geographical footprint.

Three Rivers UDRH define an Outreach Visit as: Occasions during a clinical placement where the Agency/Service requires the student to accompany their Placement Supervisor away from the primary location of the placement to provide off-site clinical services. Overnight accommodation is required as part of this clinical service.

Eligible students can apply for up to $180 per night of Outreach. This financial support is provided to cover both accommodation and meal allowance. Three Rivers UDRH will not meet any costs incurred over and above this amount. Evidence of the requirement to attend Outreach Visits must be supplied by the Agency/Service where you are attending placement and also confirmed by your university. The Outreach Visit Support is limited to a maximum of 4 nights per student per placement.

Note: You do not need to provide Three Rivers with receipts for the costs incurred for accommodation and meals while attending Outreach.

If your application is successful, payment will be made via bank transfer and may take up to 8 weeks to be issued after completion of clinical placement and receipt of all required documentation.

This funding can be received in conjunction with and in addition to other Three Rivers' student supports i.e.: the Three Rivers UDRH Subsidised Placement Accommodation, the Three Rivers UDRH Travel Support Scheme (non-Charles Sturt students only) and the Three Rivers UDRH Placement Grant (Charles Sturt students only).

Eligibility criteria

Students should meet the below listed criteria when applying for Three Rivers UDRH Outreach Visit Support Scheme. The parameters around the eligibility criteria are aligned with those established by the Australian Government as part of the Three Rivers UDRH funding agreement.

1. Students are to be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia (including the holder of an Australian permanent visa).

2. Students are to be enrolled in a recognised Health Profession Course from the following disciplines:

  • Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Oral Health, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Pharmacy, Paramedicine, Medical Radiation Science, Mental Health (Indigenous), Psychology, Social Work, Exercise Physiology and Pathology.

For other Universities whose students undertake placements in our footprint, it can include other health profession courses as well (exclusions do apply – not all courses are included in our funding scope). Please contact us to check if your health course is eligible.

3. The primary location/address of the placement is to be within the Three Rivers UDRH geographical footprint. As required by the Agency/Service, the Outreach component of the placement may be undertaken outside the Three Rivers UDRH geographical footprint.

4. Placement duration must be a minimum of 2 weeks (10 days consecutive at 80% of full time equivalent placement days).

5. It is a requirement of the Agency/Service where you are attending placement for you to stay overnight to provide off-site clinical services as part of the Outreach. Maximum of 4 Outreach nights provided per student per placement.

6. Students need to be travelling 80km or more (one way) to the Outreach Visit location from:

  • place of residence during university session
  • home address
  • primary location/address of the Agency/Service where the placement is being undertaken

7. Applications must be submitted prior to the completion date of the placement. Applications submitted after the completion date of the placement will not be accepted.

8. Payment of the Outreach will be made following completion of the clinical placement and once all required documentation has been received by Three Rivers UDRH. Please allow up to 8 weeks processing time following submission of all required documentation.

9. Students must submit evidence of the requirement to attend the Outreach Visit. The requirement to attend Outreach Visits must be confirmed by the Agency/Service where you are attending placement and also confirmed by your university. This evidence is to be submitted on the form provided by Three Rivers UDRH following submission of your on-line application. The completed evidence must be forwarded to Three Rivers UDRH no later than 4 weeks following completion of the placement.

10. The Agency/Service or Placement Supervisor where the placement is being held must not have provided the student with any financial support in relation to meeting the costs associated with Outreach Visit/s.

11. Three Rivers UDRH receives a high volume of applications for grants. Meeting the eligibility criteria may not guarantee access to the Outreach Visit Support Scheme. Early applications are encouraged.

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