Preparing for your placement

Rural clinical placements provide a unique insight into the provision of healthcare in rural communities.

There are a variety of factors you should consider in preparation for a rural clinical placement, including cultural awareness, driver safety, access to services and access to support. We highly recommend you spend time researching the community you will be a part of during your placement and familiarising yourself with the location and local services.

Several resources are available to help you prepare for your upcoming placement. Our clinical educators are here to connect you with supports and other students on rural clinical placements.

Online learning modules

We offer free, online training to help you prepare to thrive during your placement.

Placement locations

Our staff and services are available across our geographical footprint.

Safe driving on country roads

Get some handy hints and tips for driving in the country.

Mental health

We offer training and supports to help you look after your mental health, as well as those around you.

Online student meeting room

These fortnightly catch-ups are a safe space for you to connect, debrief and support each other.