Online learning modules

We offer free, online training to help you prepare to thrive during your rural clinical placement.

Heading out on a rural placement? Ready for adventure? Get the most out of your placement by completing this series of short modules aimed at helping you prepare, and be proactive about engaging with your site and supervisor. Enhance your understanding of some of the core systems and practices in clinical workplace learning environments. These modules are free to access, with a certificate of completion also available on request.

Rural Clinical Placements – Your journey starts here

Workplace learning can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking parts of your health profession training at university. But it is definitely the area in which you will become more intimately acquainted with your profession. This free online course will help you get started on your journey and ensure you make the most out of every placement opportunity – specifically those in rural communities.

The following modules comprise the course:

  • Why rural? Try rural!
  • Pre-placement preparation
  • Preparing for placement in an Indigenous health context
  • eMRS – Electronic Medical Records
  • Breaking bad news
  • Student resilience and wellbeing

Rural Clinical Placements – Your journey starts here

Telehealth – Embracing technology in healthcare

Our free online course is an introduction to telehealth. It incorporates a range of interactive opportunities for learners, patient scenarios, resources and guides, which are based on current practice with a high focus on telehealth service delivery. The online modules also include digital media specific to the local area in telehealth service provision.

The telehealth course covers four modules:

  • Telehealth overview
  • Telehealth technology
  • Telehealth in practice
  • Sustainable telehealth

Telehealth – Embracing technology in healthcare

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